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queen of never ashing


queen of never ashing

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If any of you actually listen to that link I would really like to know what you think, his mixtape has been supported by Fools Gold recently, so I’m not giving you guys some lame armature shit.


If ur into spacey experimental futuristic hip hop shit you should take a listen, its hella short & out for free.
My boyfriend is a producer, goes by the name BK Beats, he produced beats on here for a bunch of talented rappers, one of which is affiliated with Danny Brown, ZelooperZ. Hope you guys take a second to appreciate some real underground stuff ♡

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Just thinking about you and the cute little things you said to me the past few days makes me so fucking nervous I can’t eat. Why am I crushing SO HARD.

don’t think about the end, let every day be the beginning

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